George Papadogamvros grew up within balls of fabric,and scissors.His grandfather was a tailor, as well as,his father. With a given professional orientation he went for studies in Milan.(istituto Marangoni and Veloudaki school).

He came back to Greece in 1998 and opened his own shop in the center of Kifissia with fabrics from the largest companies in Italy and England. With a great family tradition in dressing he will convince you that it is worthwhile to spend time for hand made clothes (suits and shirts)with a line that is really apropriate and applicable to their owner .

George Papadogamvros calls himself “a post modern tailor” since he cuts the patron at the printer having previously inserted the measures of the client in the computer .Until now the measures of many celebrities are inserted in his computer .Finally, what characterizes George Papadogamvros is the Italian style which is the result of his studies..